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FM 18 Discussions/Les nouveautés

Posté : 07 nov. 2018, 19:34
par guiapou
J'ai expérimenté la VAR... C'est marrant surtout quant c'est positif pour ton équipe...

FM 18 Discussions/Les nouveautés

Posté : 14 nov. 2018, 13:09
par Ginola

EDIT: After being quickly made aware of an issue related to network games in 19.1.3, we've now released 19.1.4 which has included a fix for all previously created network games for FM19 no longer receiving an error message.

Changelist 19.1.4
- Fix for previously created network games receiving 'No database available' error message

We've just released a minor update for Football Manager 2019, taking it up to version 19.1.3. As we often say we very much appreciate all the feedback raised so far from within the community and whilst we've not been able to address everything raised so far, this update is aimed mainly at improving the stability. Saying that, there are a few other fixes included which are detailed in the changelist below.

To receive the update, if you already have FM19 open, please save your progress then exit the game. Steam should then automatically begin the update process. If for whatever reason this doesn't happen, we recommend restarting Steam.

Changelist 19.1.3

- Number of stability fixes with the game
- Fixed rare issue where user could get stuck when processing
- Enabled ability to have the FM18 Editor and FM19 Editor open at the same time
- Removal of unexplained error messages appearing when loading data into FM19 Editor
- Fixed rare issue where conversation string wasn't available when trying to offer playing improved wages to stay at club
- In Greece clubs now retain their points after the league split (new games only)
- Improve fixture congestion for Norwegian clubs (new games only)
- Users should no longer be prevented from posting highlights to YouTube
- Danish Second Division clubs now start game in DB set Groups (new games only)

FM 18 Discussions/Les nouveautés

Posté : 17 janv. 2019, 21:15
par Ginola
tous mes voeux à tous