FM 17 Discussions/Les nouveautés


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Re: FM 17 Les nouveautés

Messagepar Bobby-Jo » 18 nov. 2016, 21:13

Ginola a écrit :Le générateur 3D je le trouve mal foutu. Y a pas moyen de mettre une photo sans passer par la?

Intéressé aussi :D


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Re: FM 17 Discussions/Les nouveautés

Messagepar Ginola » 15 déc. 2016, 11:32


- Fixed rare instances of crash on continue
- Fixed lag when browsing inbox

- Fixed issue in Austrian leagues which prevented staff in certain roles from being appointed
- Adjusted German players willingness to move clubs
- Fixed issue where players asked to be removed from the transfer list, but were not
- Adjusted payments received for players they had offered out on loan
- Adjusted likelihood of user in charge of an international team being offered club role
- Fixed rare examples of players complaining about being left out of continental squads for rounds they are unavailable for
- Fixed incorrect strings on promise panel related to different context promises to accept bids for players
- Fixed rare contradictory inbox items regarding promises not being met
- Added unhappiness reason to list of players supporting/against a manager in group unhappiness meetings
- Fixed rare example of a player not becoming happy again after playing more following a first team football unhappiness
- Improved AI squad building in salary cap leagues
- Fixed issue where user couldn't postpone game due to large number of international call ups in MLS
- Fixed hotseat issue where holidaying one manager past a match, also continued the other manager past their match
- Fixed issue where user cannot add players/confirm squad for national U23s
- Fixed issue where user is incorrectly asked about facing newly appointed manager
- Fixed various issues with records
- Fixed derby question appearing for non-derbies
- Fixed various odds issues
- Adjusted effect of training intensity on injuries
- Fixed examples of league enforced stadium upgrades going wrong
- Improved Tottenham’s attendances when switching grounds

MATCH AI (v1703)
- Improved implementation of Inverted Wing Back role
- Fixed shots which were also free kicks not displaying as Set Pieces on chalkboard
- Fixed rare case of match getting stuck after ball is thrown out of play
- Fixed example of a player clearing rather than throwing
- Improved mentality of teams down to 10 players
- Fixed issue where injured players from AI teams sometimes don't get substituted when injured during a goal
- Fixed ball going through ad-hoardings
- Fixed issue with the match incident thinking the pen shootout goal was own goal
- Fixed rare issue with player being treated on side line being used for offside decisions
- Fixed inability to alter closing down setting for certain role/duty combinations
- Improved instance of referee and carded player not facing each other
- Fixed rare instance of dribbling past opponent commentary being used inappropriately
- Fixed instances of player incorrectly being considered to have made a mistake
- Fixed rare instance of inappropriate commentary for a free kick
- Fixed instances of player being considered to have performed a dribble too soon after controlling the ball
- Fixed instance where we would skip to dead time before a red card occurred
- Fixed ghost goal example
- Fixed deflections not being accounted for properly
- Fixed keeper handling and judgement bugs
- Improved outfield player judgement of ball AI
- Made keeper use strongest side for throw outs where possible
- Fixed a handball mistake/chalkboard event being assigned to a goalkeeper who was inside their own area
- Improved distance a player can be offside for a disallowed goal to be deemed "controversial"
- Fixed keeper bug where he could deflect it in same slice as save causing own goal
- Fixed subs being subbed off too early in case of a red card
- Improved instances where Key Passes were not recorded
- Fixed issue with assistant manager not following user's instructions when user holidays match and ticks use formation + use current team when possible

- Improvements to stadium appearances
- Adjusted Grass/Synthetic pitches to appear in same way as standard grass pitches
- Fixed issue with substituted player appearing sat on the field rather than on the bench
- Fixed issue with player who has been subbed on to the field briefly appearing to be wearing tracksuit rather than playing kit
- Fixed issue with players not wearing long sleeve shirts/under layers
- Fixed issue where linesman flag would flash in the centre circle

- Fixed manager profile reverting to default setup
- Various cosmetic fixes to the light skin
- Fixed issue on conversation history panel which prevented users from scrolling through previous chats
- Fixed issue with match formation widget not updating when players swapped

- Fixed rare issue where certain leagues wouldn't schedule after season turnover
- Fixed issue with Bulgarian league playoff
- Fixed Chinese league registration rules
- Fixed Home/Away games imbalance after Scottish Premier League split
- Fixed French Ligue 1 prize money
- Fixed loaned in players not being able to play in Swiss Cup
- Fixed issue with regionalisation in Swedish Second Division
- Fixed Betfred Cup prize money
- Fixed Israeli Toto Cup schedule and teams in correct groups
- Correct Belgian clubs now qualify for European competitions
- Improved scheduling for Belgian, Russian and Ukrainian clubs in European competitions
- Fixed issue where we were not taking the strongest line up for Portuguese Cup Competitions

- Fixed issue when editing person who had Manager or Asst Manager attributes
- Fixed issue editing players with fog of war active including changing preferred foot
- Fixed loans not showing in player history

- Fixed new season not being scheduled when using a valid German lower league Editor file
- Fixed issue verifying advanced rules in languages other than English
- Fixed various crashes and errors on files submitted to us
- Fixed editing nation tax rules
- Fixed some issues with editing club continental rules
- Fixed a few issues to do with kit editing
- Fixed issue where large files could cause a freeze during game set up
- Fixed real results extracting incorrectly
- Fixed crash editing rivalries
- Fixed a few nations which were set up incorrectly in basic rules
- Fixed instances of seasons not scheduling in files submitted to us
- Fixed issue with certain files failing verification checks incorrectly
- Fixed several issues with implementing a salary cap in leagues
- Fixed issue with League Championship Playoff end dates
- Fixed transfer window changes not extracting to the game correctly

- Disabled non-admins from being able to remove clients from network games
- Fixed issue whereby users sometimes couldn’t view replays


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Re: FM 17 Discussions/Les nouveautés

Messagepar Ginola » 10 janv. 2017, 14:42


- Fixed freeze on social media screen


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Re: FM 17 Discussions/Les nouveautés

Messagepar Anakin » 01 mars 2017, 17:12

Le nouveau Data / Patch officiel est disponible sur Steam.

+ d'infos à venir.
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Re: FM 17 Discussions/Les nouveautés

Messagepar Anakin » 01 mars 2017, 17:15


- Official 17.3.0 Update Database added - including winter transfer window data

- Fixed rare crash related to qualification play-offs for European competitions in May
- Fixed rare crash when selecting home or away venue preference for Peruvian playoff
- Fixed rare crash during processing
- Fixed divergence warning appearing during a match
- Fixed lag in inbox

- Fixed some players being incorrectly denied English work permit
- Fixed user not being credited with Uruguayan First Division win after winning both Opening and Closing stages
- Fixed incorrect teams being selected for Dutch Cup
- Fixed team not being entered for Portuguese Cup if they had been promoted the previous season
- Fixed Chinese Cup squad registration rules
- Fixed rare issue of first team going on Holiday too early in Holland
- Fixed Nordic nations not having correct time for second nationality in Iceland
- Fixed rare European playoff scheduling issue in certain leagues
- Fixed Slovakian Cup draw issue
- Fixed postponement of matches due to international call ups in France
- Fixed incorrect Belgian clubs qualifying for the Champions League
- Fixed incorrect nations qualifying for the 2019 Asian Cup

- Fixed issue where Scouting Knowledge on players was gained too quickly
- Improved job opportunities for users starting game at high profile clubs but with low coaching badges & past playing experience
- Fixed loan deals in Scotland not being completed correctly when the Mandatory future fee clause was included in the deal
- Fixed issue in some Brexit scenarios where UK based players nearing the end of their contracts could not be signed on pre-contracts
- Fixed issue where players were given different star ratings on different pages for the same position
- Fixed World Footballer of the Year award
- Fixed 2nd/3rd places not showing for World Golden Ball award
- Allowed user to apply for international job they have previously rejected
- Fixed incorrect triggering of former staff narrative
- Fixed user incorrectly asked about failure to win a game after multiple woodwork hits in a 2-leg match
- Adjusted youth recruitment upgrades
- Adjusted Northern Irish wage budgets
- Fixed issue of a user being reported to have completed a language course
- Fixed rare issue where the board would ask you if you'd like to buy the stadium when a stadium purchase was already in progress
- Fixed incorrect competition being referenced in player promise extension inbox item
- Tweaked player responses to ‘What will it take to keep you here?’ conversation options in unhappiness chats
- Clarified player response in unhappiness chats when specific wage demands are made mid-chat
- Fixed issues with buying/expanding of stadiums

- Fixes for a number of kit clashes
- Fixed Body Language and Performance match widgets going missing
- Fixed user being unable to drag players from the bench into their formation by their shirt icons

- Fixed individual crashes for various user submitted files
- Fixed errors on several user submitted files
- Further improvements to validation process

- Instant Result should always correctly display post-game when used
- Match Fitness and Condition now maxed out for Versus Mode and Fantasy Draft competitions
- Fixed legacy Steam Achievements
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Re: FM 17 Discussions/Les nouveautés

Messagepar DarkHeaven » 01 mars 2017, 18:23

c'est hyper lent (pour le défilement des jours) depuis l'installation de ce patch :(

Matt Sheppard

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Re: FM 17 Discussions/Les nouveautés

Messagepar Matt Sheppard » 08 mars 2017, 03:01

DarkHeaven a écrit :c'est hyper lent (pour le défilement des jours) depuis l'installation de ce patch :(

Ne pleures plus mon ami :rdj:


Veuillez suivre les instructions ci-dessous, cela devrait vous aider.
  • Ouvrir Steam
  • Aller sur 'Football Manager 2017' dans votre Bibliothèque Steam
  • Faites un clic droit sur le jeu et sélectionnez "Propriétés"
  • Sélectionnez l'onglet "Beta"
  • Via le menu déroulant "Sélectionnez le programme bêta auquel vous souhaitez participer", sélectionnez "bêta publique"
  • Cliquez sur 'Fermer'
Cela devrait mettre à jour votre jeu vers la version 17.3.1, et devrait vous aider à résoudre le problème.

Solution complémentaire si la première ne fonctionne pas...

Si vous trouvez, après avoir terminé les étapes ci-dessus, que votre jeu fonctionne toujours lentement, veuillez suivre les instructions suivantes :
  • Créer votre propre sujet sur le forum officiel (de cette façon, nous pouvons garder une trace de chaque utilisateur et chaque sauvegarde)
  • Téléchargez votre sauvegarde sur le FTP de sigames (Instructions sur la façon de faire ici)
  • Si vous avez sauvegardé des sauvegardes qui N'ONT PAS été sauvegardées en 17.3.0, prenez également le temps de télécharger l'une d'entre elles sur notre FTP et faites-nous également savoir le nom du fichier et le fait qu'il n'a pas été enregistré en 17.3.0.
  • Dans votre sujet, vous pouvez enregistrer les noms des fichiers du jeu que vous avez téléchargés.
    Vous devez inclure également les informations suivantes :
    • Votre DXDIAG (Instructions sur la façon de faire ici)
    • Taille de la base de données et nombre de changements à partir de l'écran d'état du jeu
    • Nombre de ligues, nations et joueurs chargés
    • La vitesse estimée du jeu et la performance estimée de l'écran Ajouter / Supprimer des championnats.
    • Combien de temps estimez-vous la lenteur (en plus) du traitement depuis la mise à jour ?
    • Envoyez également le fichier .zip de vos caches de préférences. Pour ce faire, suivez les instructions ci-dessous:
      • Cliquez sur "Explorateur de fichiers" à partir de la barre des tâches (ou cliquez sur 'Bureau / Démarrer' puis tapez "Explorateur de fichiers")
      • Sur l'en-tête, cliquez sur "Afficher" et assurez-vous qu'au-dessus de "Afficher / masquer" est coché "Eléments cachés"
        Accédez à C:\Users\Votre Nom d'utilisateur\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017
        Localisez les dossiers "Cache" et 'Préférences", zipez-les et transférez-les sur le FTP de sigames en indiquant le nom du fichier dans votre sujet.

Nous nous excusons pour ceux qui ont des problèmes, mais si vous faites ce qui précède, nous espérons être en mesure de répondre à cela aussi rapidement que possible.

Merci beaucoup.

Source officielle - Neil Brock


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Re: FM 17 Discussions/Les nouveautés

Messagepar Anakin » 08 mars 2017, 18:37

Changelist below:

FOOTBALL MANAGER 2017 - UPDATE 17.3.1 Hotfix

- Fixed 2 very rare crashes on continue
- Fixed slowdown during processing for certain processors
- Fixed incorrect South American entrant to Club World Championship
- Fixed incorrect teams competing in Rio de Janeiro State Championship play-off final
- Fixed rare cases of players going on holiday too early
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Grand Espoir
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Re: FM 17 Discussions/Les nouveautés

Messagepar keleda » 29 mai 2017, 15:48

Bonjour à tous.
Ancien joueur et utilisateur de ce fofo il y a quelques années, je reviens ici pour prendre des nouvelles de vous autres et du nouvel FM. Et oui, depuis le 13, pour des raisons de famille (2 naissances en peu de temps), je n'ai plus le temps de venir ici et même d'acheter les nouvels opus bref, toujours avec une partie d'FM13 en cours (saison 2033), je souhaiterai avoir vos avis concernant le dernier né de chez S.I.
En effet, j'ai entendu dire qu'il avait beaucoup de soucis et qu'un nombre important de joueurs "historiques" de la licence en sont déçus, notamment dans le plaisir et la compréhension du jeu. Qu'en est-il de votre point de vue/ressenti de ce FM?
Devrais-je me tourner vers le 2016 plutôt que le 2017 ou attendre le 2018?

Bien à vous chers FMISTES.
On voit toujours le brin de paille dans l'œil du voisin mais jaimais la botte qu'il y a dans le sien...

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